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Your Fantasy Therapy Session

January 18th 2019
The Story: Hi I’m Dr Angelina Castro and today I am your fantasy sex therapist. You come to me with any sexual issues and I make sure to fix them and make you feel better. Come to my office and let me give you a diagnosis.You don’t mind if I get comfortable and show off my wet pussy do you? I see you have a huge bulge in your pants. Maybe I can help you with that? Why don’t you let Dr Angelina do what she does best and make you cum?! Check out the hot POV action exclusive for members now!
Starring: Angelina Castro

Backyard Strap On Sex with Joslyn

January 11th 2019
The Story: Joslyn Jane know just how to brighten up my day when she brings her big strap on dildo and decides to fuck me with hard! I love playing with Joslyn and let her pound this horny latina pussy right here in my backyard. I wonder what the neighbors thought? I don't really care! You get to see it all up close and personal. Check out the hot strap on action for members now!
Starring: Joslyn Jane, Angelina Castro

Kinky Cruise! pt 3

January 4th 2019
The Story: It's day three on my kinky cruise adventures and I feel no vacation would be complete unless I have had a chance to swallow up a hard cock and make it cum! Lucky for you guys I found a willing participant and I get to work on his cock first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up. Talk about taking care of some morning wood! Check out the hot pov action exclusive for members now!
Starring: Angelina Castro

Kinky Cruise! pt 2

December 28th 2018
The Story: The first day of this cruise was certainly interesting and it keeps getting better! I wake up next to Virgo and Adonis and they decide to start having some fun in bed. Virgo being the BBC slut she is starts sucking his cock while I'm still in bed. I decide to stick around and enjoy the show. I even start playing with my wet pussy and make myself cum while I watch her deepthroat that big cock! This cruise is turning out to be alot more fun than I thought. Come see for yourself in the second installment of Angelina's Kinky Cruise Adventure! Enjoy!
Starring: Ludus Adonis, Virgo Peridot, Angelina Castro

Kinky Cruise! pt 1

December 21st 2018
The Story: I need a much needed vacation and I'm ready to kick back and relax and hopefully get some much needed cock! I am going with my close friends Virgo Peridot and her guy Adonis and I'm tagging along as the third wheel. But if you know me, you know that I can be the life of the party! Come check out our adventures as we set sail and start getting our freak on! You are definitely going to want to stay tuned for the rest of this series exclusive for members! Enjoy!
Starring: Ludus Adonis, Virgo Peridot, Angelina Castro