miss usa

I don’t ever follow beauty competitions because In my opinion they’re degrading. yes this might sounds funny, hear me out. Porn might be crazy for some, not of me. In porn I’m my own boss, i do with my body what i want, i can be fat or skinny and still be a porn star. In beauty competitions you have to be tall skinny and to the “beauty standards” of some idiots are not even beautiful themselves.
I establish what i think already. Now lets talk about this year Miss USA. First things first, I LOVE HER!!! she is a soldier, a professional and BLACK! Whaaaaaaaat? one for the black girl magic! She is not what we’ve seen so far. I don’t even think she is fiscally all that. Skinny aint my type anyways. Im glad she is miss USA tho, But it also makes me think…. Who owns Miss USA? Mmmmm Mr.Trump…. YES how convenient that an army soldier and black girl is miss america now. Is trump trying to get those votes that seems impossible…? For some reason this was my first thought when i saw the post that she won… Hopefully is not one of those Trump BS AND THE GIRL REALLY MAKE A CHANGE FOR HER COMMUNITY…..