Thanks for my freedom

I know im suppose to write about sex, boobs and Orgasms…. Today i woke up and cooked breakfast for my family. I have a six seater table. It was full and then some. I was looking around, realizing how fortunate i am to be alive and be able to do as a please. FREEDOM ITS NOT FREE! I know first hand. Today while all of you BBQ or get drunk on south beach, think about what made that moment possible. I wont post a sad picture of and army wife laying on a grave or a pic of a kid holding a flag…. I just want you to think and be thankful for those that gave their life for us without knowing us. We don’t know their names, they didn’t know ours. We are here today thank to them.


Porque en vez de preocuparnos tanto por cuba o por otro pais del mundo no miramos en dinde vivimos. Sabias que hay gente muriendose de hambre en los Estados Unidos? Sabias que las escuelas de este pais son horribles. El sistema educativo es uno de los peores, y la medicina ni te cuento. Los doctores te miran como cliente no paciente. Los maestro te tratan como pay check no como aprendiz. Porque nos preocupamos tanto por otros lugares cuando el donde vivimos es un mojon! how about we start fixing this one so we can lead by example… Educating our kids will save us some trouble in the future. Making sure que nuestros congresistas hagan algo por nosotros y dejen de preocuparse tanto pot cuba might change our lifes para mejor. En vez de meternos en la vida de los demas deberiamos ver como podemos cambiar este mundo que esta lleno de violadores por frustraciones sexuales, de religious extremist porque nadie les dijo que pensar era saludable. De un gobierno en el que nos enfocamos mas en tratar de que los gay sean extraterrestres instead of allowing ppl to be free and happy. En un pais en el cual los gobertantes te dicen que debes hacer con tu chocha y que no debes pensar outside of the box. estamos de pinga… how bout we fix the real problem NOSOTROS

Bruce you confuse me

Bruce Jenner gave an interview the other day. I thought i was gonna understand what the fuck he was going thru but i got more confuse than anything. I was born a girl and i like guys, so im normal? He was born a guy, feels like a girl but dont wanna fuck guys… Its very confusing. Are we suppose to like pink because we girls and blue because its for boys? All this makes me think that someone invented all these rules and we follow them because we dont know anything else. Where men suppose to fuck females only? Are we Asexual and society made us heterosexual, gay , bi etc….? omg soooo confusing…. what are you guys thinking these days about sexuality….?