Cum and go?

Well I’ve been wanting to go to school for a while. I finally met with the ppl in the school and they tools me , ” miss with your preview credits you will have 18 month to finish”. Yeyyyy im finally got an idea… Well i asked how much it was…. OMG $12,000 WHAT!!!!! OMG but thats alot. My previews student loan was $17000 and i didnt even practice… I have to be very careful on this one…. so here we go. You wanna know what i want to go to school for?…… lol Mortuary Science.! google it and have fun! lololol

2 responses to “Cum and go?”

  1. Daniel says:

    Good luck. Please just don’t make jokes about it like this one girl I knew that was getting into it. She would always say “Motherfuckers gotta die right?!.” Lol besides that, best of luck on your journey!

  2. Matthew Schecter says:

    That is really cool Mortuary at a hospital. What you are going for is a good field and they make good money. So best of luck to you.

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