mean bitches win…..

So i was thinking the other day… (i do that sometimes) Guys really like girls that treat them bad. Here is my explanation. In my line of work i meet lots of ppl some are great dudes and some are….. whatever they are… The great ones i treat nice and reward them for their kindness. The other ones, i loose respect for. I meet guys and they talk all this great game and im nice to them. They talk about how cold and mean other girls are, im cool and down to earth. Once im nice to some dudes they just trip and start acting up. I swear some guys dont appreciate when girls are nice, theyre so used to being kicked that they dont know hoe to act when a down to earth girl comes around. I wont stop being nice to anyone, but i will tell you this… FCUK YOU if you and asshole because imma treat you exactly how you treat me… That being said., If you ever meet me, be nice because im nice. Be an ass and ill be worse….

Cum and go?

Well I’ve been wanting to go to school for a while. I finally met with the ppl in the school and they tools me , ” miss with your preview credits you will have 18 month to finish”. Yeyyyy im finally got an idea… Well i asked how much it was…. OMG $12,000 WHAT!!!!! OMG but thats alot. My previews student loan was $17000 and i didnt even practice… I have to be very careful on this one…. so here we go. You wanna know what i want to go to school for?…… lol Mortuary Science.! google it and have fun! lololol