I was in a store the other day and someone sad: “Wow Angelina look at you and you still sexy”. i wonder right after that comment…. M i old? M i fat? Do i need Botox? OMG what the fuck he try to say to me in that comment. I got worried for like two seconds and then i realize, that i dont really give a fuck about him lol and i moved on… What is Sexy? when you ask a girl to look sexy, she puts this stupid duck face, or show her boobs. I personally think that a smile is sexy, corny for porn but sexy to me. Ive been all kind of weight and all kind of hair styles, and always felt sexy. Sexy is inside and i believe that whatever you feel will attract others. I dont have a role model for sexy, i dont really give a fuck about what society think of sexy. I personally believe that being sexy is over rated. Im just me and thats sexy….