BYE BYE 2014

I want to thank you all for the love you show me not only on 2014, but always… Amazing things happen to me this year. Believe it or not it was all possible because of your support. Thanks for being a member, thanks for following me on social media, thanks for being so amazing and holding me down. Everything i have is because of YOU!
I want to tank those that left and those that came. I want to thank my friends and family. many people that you guys dont know but some that you do… Thanks to my web-masters for being so bad asses and kicking ass everywhere they put a thought. Thanks to my girl Sara for being there, even when we wanted to shoot each other. Thanks to all the VNA fans and members. Thanks to all the VNA sisters and the VNA cam girls. This year was memorable and 2015 promise to be exceptional. I will promise to work harder not to let you all down. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE LOVE and i hope that 2015 brings you health and peace… LOS AMO!

just a thought

So many things we believe here and other countries look at us like we crazy! Cubans celebrate their heroes coming home , we call them spy because they are! We call our army heroes, other countries call them criminals, bullies, assassins everything depends of the point of view of each person. But what I refuse to do is to let anyone think for me! I see it, not the Cuban or the USA way, I see it my way. It’s very convenient to sit here and talk without seeing “us”from the outside.
I was born under a communist country where everyday I heard the government trash the Americans. It was unreal to hear Raul Castro talk about America the way he did! I never thought he will do that! Yes…… He said it was the revolution win, but let’s be realistic, who cares what he says!!! I’m happy I’m alive and seeing this, so many people have died without believing that this day will be possible. You can expect change unless you change something. I’ve been on TV for few years and out of everything I’ve gather from it, I tell You one thing. It’s a disgusting industry that repeats at its convenience. Politicians are dirty whores spreading an STD called hate! And of course we can’t forget those that will repeat everything that they’ve heard all
Their life’s without thinking for themselves. Blame it on Obama I don’t care, but when the time comes that my grandkids go to school, they will read that on December 17 2014 The most hated president of the United States of America, made a change that no other president cared to do for over 50 years of a non working policy!


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