Lets sit and talk about this for a minute……

It is avery sad story but at the end of the day this is how i think about it. We are raising our kids with a very weak mind. Instead of worrying so much about what others think, just be yourself. Raise them with tolerance and not with taboos. let them choose their own religious believes when they’re ready for it! Bullying is nothing more than the product of our education on both sides of the bullying and the bullied. Lets raise our kids to be winners within their own capability and not because they have to follow what society says.
this is sad

TAMPA here i CUM

Is that time of the year egain…. Nightmoves awards… Ill be in Tampa this weekend Oct 9-12…. see you all there… Dvd’s, pics and rons of fun

Jelena Jensen needs your help!

Her dog Mowgli has been through 3 surgeries already and he is fighting for his life. Please please take a moment to read this… it all started when he ate a sock!

I’m a three year old Saint Bernard rescue with a family that loves me VERY much. I am in a dire and urgent medical emergency situation. <— please click here

mowgli 5

mowgli 2

mowgli 4

mowgli 3