hypo hypo hypocrite

So i was in a TV show today. I was invited to speak about sex and technology. everything was good till the host started talking about this senator Weiner. Well they were criticizing his wife for taking him back. Then i stood up and say…. “You ain’t no one to tell that lady what she should or shouldn’t accept” WOW this tv host got mad t me. I dont give a fuck because Im there to say what i think. I dont judge people because they think different than me. I have when someone speaks about someone else and judges them because of their choices. Relationships are hard as it is, e dont need to obey by society rules. Everyones partnership is different, we all accept different things, and we put up with what we feel like. This lady actually was bashing the Senators wife because she took him back, saying things like, “she is stupid” he is a cheater etc…. how bout if she didnt care and they had to make big deal because society started bitching. That Tv host probably does alot more than what she pretty not to. any ways….. i want you all to do and feel what you want to, dobt let anyone tell you whats right or wrong. Leave your lifes and don’t worry bout how different or unacceptable is the next person relationship. love you all…..

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