racist who?

This is dedicated to all those ratchets, low class ignorant women that are putting the rest of their community down…….
I’ve been thinking very hard and careful before I write this…. I think is time to do it tho. I want to address this issue that I’ve been having all my life, well since I got to this country.
I was in Puerto Rico over the weekend with my boy and his girl. my boy Steve is black from DC and his girl is also Black from somewhere else in America. I always hang out with Steve, Miami, DC, Puerto Rico, where ever… He always notice how ppl look at us when we hang out. This past weekend in PR we were at a club and a group of girls where very upset. They were mad at the fact that the black guys in the room where paying attention to me not to them. This girls where Black and from ten U.S. This is my issue. All my boys are black, their wife’s are black, I fuck black dick, I do interracial porn, I have black family, I’m Cuban, which is a mix between African slaves and Spain. Why so many black females hate to see a black men with someone that is not black? We get so much hate everywhere we go, from black american girls.They shake their heads, role they eyes, do some funny lip poking, and say stuff like…… ” that N—a came up and got Him a With girl” ” them N—as be n that shit” And many more stuff that will take me a week to write, but you get the point.
Attention black girls that hate on Black men and their choice of pussy flavor. Acting like that you only keep them away from you. I have more black in me than Rosa Parks, if you believe me google me! Stop being so ignorant and read a book! there is a lot more than black and white! It’s not my fault that Haitians were the first black ppl to be free, Cubans liberated them selfs from slavery long time ago. You blaming everyone that’s not black for your history of slavery, is only putting your community wayyyy back in the back of the back of the bus! There is even hate between dark and light skin ppl. How stupid is that shit!
How about this?….. Spanish girls are a minority just like you! Black dick In a Spanish pussy looks and feels amazing! No one is hating on you when you fucking a Spanish or white boy? Stop being mad at the world and move the fuck on, we have a black president and I voted for his black ass!!!!!
I’m not gonna stop fucking and sucking black dick just because your low self esteem ass can’t stand it! Keep looking at yourself in the mirror and say “im a strong black woman” …. If you have to say that shit so much, guess what bitch YOU AIN’T! MLK is turning on his grave right now saying, ” I can’t believe this bitches took my dream and twisted it” We are raising the new generation, history is the past, WTF we doing today to change it? Hate the white men, that’s your business, but I’m a fucking minority like you! I was never in the back of the bus, but guess what? Neither were you! PPL die for us to be free and have rights in this country… How bout you stop being ignorant and learn something from other minorities like Mine… we stay together…. The only ones that are being racist is YOU! History is what got us here, the future depends on us! You black girl that hate, are only giving a bad name to those that don’t!
If you haven’t notice already, “others” is the new cool!
Dear black woman:
thanks for giving birth to some of the best dick in the world!!!!

Thanks to all those amazing black dicks that love Spanish pussy!