SO in case you dont know…….. I do spanish TV. I am a latin porn star that gets invited to spanish tv shows to speak about sex and the porn industry. Ive been interviewed by very important ppl. I also do various shows which required my sex expertise. For the past 4 years ive been doing this tv stuff. I was on a show not long ago, i felt under estimated and discriminated. let me explain. Ive been participating on this show for over 3 years. I go there to give my expert advice at the dame time that doctors and other experts. I was on the makeup room and one of these doctors came in. I was sitting next to a phycologist that i happen to know. The doctor came in and totally ignore me and went straight to say hi to this person that was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! I didnt think much of it, she was a female and maybe she was jealous of me. While recording the show, it was my time to speak and i proceeded to talk about the steps to film a porn. I spoke from the legal aspect to how was the production stuff. I happen to mention a law that only people in the industry will know. A lawyer that was present right away told me “Im a lawyer I will KNOW”. Well guess what….. She didn’t know! “There is no way you will know unless you are a porn star”, I said to my self. Long story short, everyone looked at me like i was stupid. Guess what? I was right! That person didnt know that specific law. Just because i suck dick and take it in my ass, does not mean that im ignorant and that you know more than me. I respect everyone and their achievement in life, but alot of you out there dont respect mines, because all you see me as is, A DICK SUCKER! I respect this person enough not to put their name in this that im sharing with you. I felt very bad because i was not treated as equal. All i did was to share information i know and any one can to by searching for it. Well…. i hope one day society will stop being so stupid and people will stop thinking with their egos. thanks for reading this and remember that, no one can take away knowledge. at the end of the day the truth will win! xoxo

IM heading to Nicaragua!!!!

BOYS BOYS!!!!! i need your help!!!!!
Im trying to go to nicaragua and show my tetas everywhere in that country! Remember London? well……. help out with what you can here
and lets make sure my tetas are shown everywhere in the world…. well thats what the internet is for….. but i really wanna go to NIcaragua lol dead line is feb 1st