see ya 2012!!!!

dear 2012:
Lots of good thing happen to me while you were here. My website became a cuban sensation among my great fans. I want to thank you for all the success of my VNA sisters and I. TeamBJ finally happen and even tho it was a crazy road, WE DI IT! I meet great people this year and hopefully it will carry on for a while. My favorite TV show “HOuse” ended and that was a lil bit sad. Justin beaver was not the dad, and that can only means he is a bad fuck…. I learn this year that happiness don’t come thru bank accounts, but thru peoples heart and good will… Well i kind of knew that already. I finish the year with new boobs and that is excited. On a sad note….. My dear and lovely stepdad died. I took care of him for a whole year nonstop with my mom. If feels good to know that you did everything you could for someone. I want to make sure i leave this 2012 with a message that is not so porn related but very important….
To my fans i wanna say that i love them for the support and that i hope that they like my exciting 2013. To the haters i wanna say Thank you< thanks you for making me great and powerful. To my family and friends i want to tell them that im sorry for being so cuban lol. Love hard PPL psssss.... jesus was wrong the world didnt end... FUCK ON MOTHAFUCKERS!!!!!