HOLLY SHIT!!!!! Castro explore her shades

OMG this Anastasia bitch is finally waking up. So far nothing juicy but she definitely fucked grey. Everything started because he liked her a lot. She came over his house and he handed her a contract. Fucking rich ppl lol. This mothafucker has a contract to fuck him. Well he does!!! The contract was an agreement not to disclose anything that happen there. But wait!…. didnt this bitch write a book?!?!? jajaj well we will see. After she sing the contract she fucked him, but there is more, he has like a 5 pages contract for 3 years for her to be his sex slave. De pinga! long story short i left it right were she was thinking about accepting the contract. we will see! xoxoxo good night ill read more on my way to Night moves Award this weekend.
BTW i wanted to talk about something…. more than talk to advise you guys to make sure you hug your loves ones often. My childhood friend just lost her dad and she can go back to Cuba to burry him. So make sure you love hard and call everyone you love and tell them so.