im in DC at the moment and my internet sucks guys. my apologies but im gonna cancel cam tonight at 7 pm sorry… the internet is so slow that i can cum but it will get to you two days latter…xoxoxo beosos

Castro explore her shades

On a plane to DC and…… I’m in chapter 3 of the book and so far NO SEX!!! I do notice that the main girl in the book is very stupid,inexperience and i sense low self esteem. I don’t know why females don’t have self esteem. I think is because in this Male dominated world, we wait for the men to complete us. They describe Grey as a powerful, dominant, ocd, forward and secure guy.. Mmmmm very similar to me.. But I’m not a fucking dude!.. The girl is so stupid she is pissing me off. I get it, some times women are shocked by a male presence and intimidated by testosterone. i wonder, is it a cycle or the way we are raised? She is wondering so much why this men wants to invite her out and call her. Instead of thinking, why wouldn’t he? I wonder often why females have so much self pity…. we can push out babies but we can’t confront a men?!?!?! Im glad i don’t have daughter. Are we all suppose to be program like this… M I normal? Gosh this book is confusing me a little bit. This grey dude ask a lot of questions. Anastasia which is the main character is being question by him left and right. If it was me i would of told him to fuck off already. Holly shit! This Cristian Grey dude is a douche! He ere mind me of Scott D from the Kardashians. He think he is so smooth or at least thats how Anastasia is feeling. To her he is like god to me is more like a challenge. Maybe is because I’m nota virgin…jajjajaja. you know you are a nerd when you describe a mean s Michael Angelos “David” jana omg i wonder how many ppl got that one.
Im in my hotel room now and i have to say, even tho the book is starting slow, it is pretty intriguing. This bitch Anastasia likes Grey alota nd he like her. He keeps holding back and she doesn’t know why. Anastasias school finals are done and she got drunk… long story short, she end up at Greys hotel room but they didn’t fuck. I really started to bread this book for the SEX but it seems that there is none.

Castro explore her shades!

OMg i hope this book is really interesting. I read the first chapter and i have to say so far no good. I guess my expectations are higher because every one speaks about this book like is the greatest thing on earth. Well i have to admit that when i tell people about it they get extra excited and everyone wants to tell me about their experience. I was at a friends gathering last night and someone there read it. Once i said i bought the book, her eyes light up. This shit most be very amazing and sex changing because ppl keep telling me that its gonna be great.
I read the first chapter and so far…. Some girl went to a dudes office and interview him. His name was Mr. Grey. Im guessing that the girl was a virgin because they describe her so dumb. They also describe Mr. Grey as a handsome Brad Pitt with a basket ball players height. To tell you the truth i even want it to fuck him…jajja…. chapter two is tonight. Im excited lets see when do i start having wild sex and writing about random shit! I do have a concern… Do i have to experience it with only one dude, or i can try it with a lot of them. Here we go again……

Castro explore her shades!

Im so excited! i just got delivered “fifty shades of grey”. It all started last wee when i was in the car, with my sons 1st grade school teacher. She token me about it. She also mention that she knows someone that does passion parties. I was wondering WTF was that. It sounded like an orgy to me. She explain that i need it to read “fifty Shades of Grey” . I am very lazy so i got the trilogy of shades on audio book. I decided to open this blog so i can document my experience with the books. Michelle Obama read it, i wonder if she practice what she learn. Imagine the Obamas doing the “fifty shades of grey” in the oval office. jajjajaj…..Well we will see how i do with it. The books look pretty sexy, its 3 boxes. first box has a tie, second a mask and 3rd handcuffs. Interesting……. i can’t wait till i write more. I will document it all, hopefully i become a better person with it. I think it will help me understand my sexuality a bit more and also it will make me a better porn star. HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!!!