V-DAY curse!!!!

Well let me start saying……. “FUCK YOU CUPID”! I dont dislike Valentines day but im not a fan of it. A lot of couple break up on this day because they expectation fly away and they cant keep it grounded. I personally, dont think that there should be a date were you have to give some one a gift to remember that you love them. I’m almost sure that that day was invented by someone to make money. What about the rest of the year? If i love you i love you no matter what day of the year tho. I like it and i dont….lol i know i dont make sense but i just wanted to share it with you guys. I swear i wish i could kill cupid, yes im serious. If i kill cupid, February 14 will be known as the day love die lo i think is cool, less love more sex….

wazzzup people of my crazy world!

I decided to cook naked today and im sweating my as and titts off! Im dancing around and checking out good spots for my webcam next thursday, so i hope all this hard work pays off and you guys can enjoy THURSDAY at 6 PM WECAM!!!


Today was a productive day in the life of Angelina Castro the normal girl. I woke up and started cleaning my backyard because some friends were coming to put together a table and finish a BBQ that i got as a gift by one of the VNA members. I put the Table together and head out to The Home Depot, or how i like to call it, “The Crack depot” $200 later i was home putting a bamboo fence i purchase and spreading some wood stuff on the grass. The backyard looked a lil plain so i went to Big Lots and bought a bunch of flowers and decoration, $180 later i was home decorating the bamboo fence and the floor. I realize that i didnt get any food and ppl were coming over so i went to Publix and $80 later i was cooking churrasco, burgers and ribs. FUCK BRO money goes so fast!! Now im dead tired and dead broke. I hope you all enjoy my new backyard on my next cam show. Make sure you all lie to me and tell me its the greatest thing you have evenr seen…xoxoox