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GUCCI? Bitch pleaSE!!!!

You guys might think I’m very high maintenance, and you right! But I’m affordable, let me explain. I can wear a dress 3 times, once for TV, once for a scene and to go out one time. Most girls wear dresses about 5-8 times, i only wear it 3 times. I get it, it sounds very high maintenance, but the key to this is that i shop in the cheapest places in town, such as Ross, TjMaxx, UStops, etc. My dresses dont go over $30 and sometimes i find them for the lowest prices ever!. My shoes too, i love shoes and i have very expensive ones but most of them were under $20. I was at Mad Rag today, this is a very cheap store. I was buying about 10 articles and i spent $70. Well next to me was this girl that kept talking about Gucci new collection. The cashier kept looking at her with the craziest face. I was so annoyed by this girl that i had to turn around and say…. “gucci? BITCH PLEASE!!!” the cashier looked at me and started laughing. People dont get that material shit is not important, even less brand names. Im a girl, i have huge titts, no one cares WTF im wearing. I can put an outfit together for under $50 and look like a million dollars.


Well, todays cam show was great!!! i cant wait to see it on the archives. Im gonna give you a lil run down of it: I got engage to Northman, I confess a secret about Walt, I got all soap up, Wet and the queen of England show me her boobs… well what can i say cubans can do it all!!!! xoxoxo good night!!!

Do dreams mean anything?

I know a lot of pople say that dreams might warned you about something that might happen, and i believe it because i have my share of vivid dreams in the past. Since the beginning of 2012 i’ve been feeling a lil weird and i’ve been dreaming way too much, to the point were i wake up and im not rested, no matter how many hours i slept. It is kind of annoying! I dream alot about work or projects that i have in my head that i want to do. Its crazy because half of the stuff i dream i feel like i did it already and i don’t bring it to life. I don’t know how to stop this dreams. Any help? I really wish they will stop because i swear i get the craziest ideas while dreaming. Funny shit happen in my dreams too. I remember one time i was on twitter and i was talking to kagaman and Carmen told me that was Franshesca porn hubby or something and that she will kick my ass. Little that you know that night i was dreaming that she was kicking my ass. LOL Its funny but the dreams are too intense. I dont know if its the fact that i pay too much attention to stuff like, twitter, work, tv etc. I need to find a way to snap out of it and keep on going with my life. Another dream was that Northman1209 came to my house with a huge box of gifts and a puppy . I get that one because he sends me gifts all the time and and we talk almost everyday. I also dream once that i went to a tv show and that they left me in a room alone and i was wet and my hair was not done. Ok, ok this one is the funniest. I was at Vicky’s and she keep saying that she wanted to go in the water with some lil boats she got, and i said yes. That night i dream that we were in the water and she was in her lil boat and i was in mine. A shark came and bite my titts off. Im telling you the dreams are dumb! Any ways if any one knows WTF i can do to stop dreaming or at least not remember in the morning, LET ME KNOW


I posted a blog yesterday explaining my feeling about SOPA and PIPA and ppl went nuttz. Let me say this again i dont agree with SOPA and PIPA! I do recognize that the internet its a new thing and that its not being monitor by no one right now. For exampe, i put out a movie and it gets stolen super fast. Who is after the person or company that facilitate others to teal or watch that movie? NO ONE! we do need a law that protect all the industries. Copyrights are not enough because people still doing it. All this companies that facilitate others to stream, upload or share stolen property should be punish. I dont agree that ppl should not share copyright info that is put out there for free by the owners, but i do know that its very frustrating to work so hard to put out a product that you are not gonna see much $$$ coming back. All im saying is that everyone should step outside of the picture and realize that if we stop the stealing, the economy will get better for all of us. If my movies are not being stolen, im getting paid more. IF im getting paid more, malls are getting my $, and employments are increasing. Its too easy to talk all that shit about right and bla bla bla. Let me ask you something. I bet you all have never stop and think that every time you google Angelina Castro, and you get to a site with all my movies, and watch them, you just stole from me! Look at it that way because thats how it is! Once again PIPA and SOPA are not the way but something has to get done ASAP. I hope this clear all the stupid comments ppl are making because at this point i really dont care what you think unless your IQ is over 170 and there is not many of those around.
xoxox CASTRO


How come we tell our kids not to steal a candy from the supermarket, but its ok to download music?
Breaking a car window its wrong! Uploading my movies to a free site , ITS WRONG TOO!
We have laws against fraud from banks, credit cards etc. But we dont have a law to protect me against people that steal my product?


At first i thought it was a rap group. After few hours of tweets and gathering of information i finally have an opinion. I think piracy is a huge deal and it has to be stop. If my friend come to me and tells me he is going to kill his girlfriend, and i give him a gun, i facilitated a crime. Google, Yahoo and other search engines facilitate ppl to steal from me! Why is it nt treat it as the crime that it is. I work very hard to put out a movie for Porn Hup to steal my content and google allow them to rob me. If free porn sites dont get advertise r get censored from the net, HOw is it bad? Oh yeah of course its bad for those that dont wanna pay for my hard work. If you get your income tax money and get a car and i steal it, Im a felon. How come you dont think of yourself a s a felon for stealing my hard work. Many ppl have told me, ” Angelina i found out about you thru free porn”, well guess what i have two questions for you. Have you purchase any of my movies off my site? if your answer its no, it was not a pleasure to meet you! The other question is, Dont you think that i deserve the respect of you paying for my job, im not a slave i dont want my product to be out for free! I get that the law its not 100% proof, but i do agree that all this search engines and thieves should be punish some how. You wont steal a car but you would watch one of my movies for free? The internet is a monster in the works. As evolution occurs we need rules, and we need them ASAP! The internet should have rules and regulations, such as driving cars and killing people. Child pornography its regulated and watch by FBI and others, stealing my movies should be too!
I love you all that support me and are members of my site. Thanks for the love and appreciation of my hard work! Im guilty of stealing too, i did it before, but when i became a porn star I stop! Porn, movies and music are dying and its all because of us. I want to fuck and suck for a long time, but if you guys dont keep stealing my shit ill be working in Burger King pretty soon. xoxoxo ANGELINA CASTRO

TV vs Porn

In case that you guys dont know, I do spanish TV. I really like mainstream but porn really does it. When i go to a tv channel i get nervous because i cant control the situation, plus they ask me always the same question. Porn in the other hand, its easy and fun and im in control all the time. I know TV its more glamorous but i rather stay with my porn xoxoxo