New Years resolutions

This might be weird or maybe not. I dont have any new years resolutions. I really dont make any goals or stuff like that because i feel that if i dont reach them, i fail. I can clearly say that If i had to make a new year resolution it will be, to be happy this year as i was in the last one. I recommend all of you to do the same. Come on we are not gonna loose weight, get rich, or married a model. I really believe that the next year is coming hard on me. YES!!! I said COMING HARD!!! I hope this network keeps growing and i can entertain all of you with my crazy ideas on 2012. I wish the best for my VNA sisters and sanity for VickyVette so she can keep up the good work. I also thank all of our members for supporting me. I want to give a special thank to the soldiers that fight fo rus this year and a big kiss to their family. I want to thank again all of you for putting up with me, for accepting my way of thinking and show me so much love. I really hope next year is as fun as this one. We also need a change in our country so lets be more responsible and participate in the elections and choose the asshole that is going to represent us. My last wish of the year is for my MIAMI HEAT to win! TEAM BJNBA all the way in 2012!!! love you all an lots of health, love and MORE CASTRO… Angelina Castro that is. Los amo!!!


I dont believe in any specific religion because all of them are about controlling society. I think that there is a higher power and there is good and bad in this world. Sexual orientation, life styles or anything else that religious ppl dislike on the name of JESUS is bull shit!!! People hide behind JESUS to control the weak minds. I really hate religion with a fucking passion. People in church hide behind JESUS and rape lil kids. Churches make tuns of fucking money on the name of jesus and were doe sit go? the pockets of the priest. STOP WITH THE JESUS SHIT!!! the whole pointy of me fucking a dick and screaming OMG is for JESUS to hear me cumming!!! im happy the way i am i dont need JESUS unless the motherfucker wants to come and fuck me in my ASS!!!!

Are we all gay? Is it society to blame for the rules?

I was wondering, who came up with the categorization of GAY? Is it society or religion the ones that point fingers at same sex encounters? Can we program our selfs not to feel gay even tho we are having sex w the same sex? Is it impossible to marry a men that likes to sleep with other men, but at the same time have a relationship with a woman?
Too many questions come to my mind when I start thinking about this subject. For example, who came up with the whole “you gay” thing? If I sleep with a female because I’m curious, M I Gay? I’ve been with Sara Jay few times, I don’t personally go for girls but I don’t mind her eating me out. I’ve done movies and in my private life I’ve also had sex with her and I don’t consider myself gay. Maybe I don’t think in gay because I have a normal relationship with men and I have a kid. Or maybe because I’m not gay at all.
Society look at same sex encounters as being gay. Religion says its bad? But who the fuck is GOD to tell us how to ejaculate or society to tell us who to do facials on. In confuse.
Let’s say that we all wipe out our brains and start from zero. We are born with no ideas or pre judged. So really, we ate the ones that program the new generation to think and act. So I had a great idea! What about if we grab a bunch of ppl and put them all in an island with no prejudge or knowledge of the concept of gay. What would happen? My hypothesis is that every one will touch each other and fuck each other with no hold backs or any thought that keeps them from it. Isn’t that what sex is all about? If I marry a men and I have a home and I fuck a girl, I’m I gay for cumming to Sara eating me out? ‘mmmm… being gay is the act or the state of mind? Gay men that adopt kids and live like any other couples are xtra gay, or they find it less difficult to deal with society by just living w a men and not a female? Ong its too difficult to think about this….. I guess that at the end I still program like every one else 🙁 and wishing i wasent…..

My Dad got issues……

So my dad called me yesterday and asked me to go to his yearly xmas party at his job. I already knew that he was going because my sister was invited by him, while i was driving her to the store. My dad works at HOME DEPOT. Every year they do a party but this year its not a picnic or bbq, its a big thing and it gonna happen at 8pm this sunday. He called me yesterday and asked me if i was busy, since i knew what he wanted i told him that i was not busy. Long story short he said that he wanted me to go to his home depot xmas party. Pretty normal so far right……….. NOT!!!!! Im not going with him tho, im going with some friend of his, that watch my movies and my dad has been trying for me to meet him since forever. WTF dad? I swear this dude that made me has issues. On top of that he asked me to bring an autograph picture for this dude that i dont even know. I really hope this night ends up being a good one because it already sounds horrible. Im thinking of going dress like a hooker, just to embarase him. LOl i know im horrible. But my DAD its way too proud of me and sometimes thats a lil annoying. Its ok that my family supports me and are 100% behind me, but it gets a lil crazy. For example my dad tells everyone im his child, that seems normal, but he does not introduce me by the name he gave me when i was born, he introduce me as ANGELINA CASTRO. And then he says: ” By the way she is a porn star and she works on TV”…. OMG sometimes i just want to be undercover you know. M I being rude for feeling like this? I know some girls wish their families support them the way mine does, but its a lil crazy now PPl. My grandparents dont miss a show on spanish TV and they all sit around their friends and discuss my sexual life like its CNN news. My Mother comes and ask me about lubes and toys like im a sex store. My sister make comments like: ” oh shit that guy you fucked last updates was fine”… My uncles and cousins give their friends my pictures like its a xmas card. My grandmothers buy me sexy cloth for my shoots. And My fucking son is in love with Sara Jay.!!! Can you all explain to me WTF its wrong with this cubans?


I just got back from Adultcon L.A. I got to say it was a great convention. not only I met the rest of the VNA girls, but I also got closer to the ones I already knew. I part of the dirty dozen! I got to confess that when I started the VNA I was a little worried about all the estrogen I was gonna be facing and dealing with by being part of the network. I already knew Sara and she introduced me to Vikky, then came Carmen, Bobbi, Gabby, ETC…. You know them…. My first convention as a VNA was few moth ago in L.A, and I was not prepare at all. I got there with few dvd’s and a cute outfit. I did great even tho I didn’t have as many merchandise as the rest of the ladies. After the convention we all went to eat at SADDLE RANCH and some of the girls ride the mechanical bull. I didn’t get the chance to talk much with any of the girls and since it was my first time I was a lil shy about it. My second convention was this weekend and I got to say I enjoy it a lot. Not only I was prepared with tons of merchandise, but I also took my assistant so I didn’t have to do all the dirty work.
Conventions are a great way to see my fans. Even tho I do webcam often and I communicate to my fans thru various media, conventions are the real onion one. Before I was a VNA I did a webcam show with Sara Jay for her show and I remember a guy named WALT, he was at the convention and I was very excited about it because I recognize him right away. It was like meeting like a movie star or a singer. I knew how he looked because of the cam shows so right away I knew it was him, so hugged him and gave him a kiss. I also meet a bunch of guys that follow me on twitter, i thought that was cool too. I meet a guys that came everyday and talked to me about how he saw me on TV and how his mom like what I say all the time. I like to meet fans because it gives me an idea what people feel and think bout me. I also met Gabby Quinteros. I’ve been very excited about meeting Gabby,because she is spanish like me, son I felt that it was very important to click and like each other because we need to represent the Latin part of the VNA with harmony. She is very cool and crazy so I was relieved. I did notice that she was very horny and that reminded me of Sara Jay a little bit. Funny story, we were all sitting in a restaurant and Gabby was moving a lot. I asked her WTF was wrong with her, so she said: ” I want to get out of here and fuck, I’m horny”. I laughed and share the info with Axxxstranger that was sitting next to me. I also met Bobbi and I thought she was so cute. She has this cool persona, a mix between sex and rock and roll. Bobbi and I shared pics of our dogs and family. I like the fact that it wasn’t only porn.She also gave me a Xmas card she made and it was the cutest thing. Every one was talking about all kind of stuff. PUMA! PUMA! Wow!!! I thought I was crazy…. Till I met PUMA. What can I say….. The girl say what she thinks no matter of what it is. She is funny and eccentric. I’m a little afraid that the combination PUMA+CASTRO might be nuclear. I can’t wait to hang a lil more with her and dare her to do crazy shit. The last day of the convention VIKKY gave all the girls a Xmas gift, it was a silver star. We all went to eat at SADDLE RANCH and some of us ride the mechanical bull. I was looking around the table and I notice that all the girls has the same star in their necks, and it hit me…. We are VNA stars!!!! I felt like in a Italian movie sewed the MOB families have something in common like a tattoo, but we had stars.
I got to say that this convention was my fav so far. Everything was perfect and I had time to realize how great is to have what I have with this network. I come from a big family so I never really had any girlfriends. I really feel that even tho the twelve of us are so different we are “twelve peas on a pot”. I hope that my adopted VNA sisters feel the same way about me. It is a crazy business but I think we got by far the best network with 12 great girls….


I know the many benefits of porn as a viewer. As a performer, it has it’s benefits too. Aside from the obvious ones porn has also free my soul. It sounds crazy but it is like that, let me explain.
Thanks to porn I’m less to none judgmental. I stop judging because we get judge all the time because of what we do. As a porn actress I’ve learn to listen to my body. I know how far I can go and how to pleasure myself like never before. I feel free of any hold backs when it comes to my appearance or my body. I feel very comfortable in my own skin. It might be because I’m naked all the time, or because people jerk off to me but I’m 100% happy with my back rolls,huge titts, cellulite, humongous ass.
Enough of me! Porn has done it again! For the first time in 29 years I had a conversation with my DAD. It might not be important or significant to any one else but let me give you the insides of it. My dada divorce my mom when I was 11 years old and since then I felt that he didn’t love me, More than that I didn’t care to talk or be with him. He has always been around but I haven’t really felt attached to him or connected in any way. It might be a pay off for all he made my mother go thru but I really didn’t care much to talk to him about nothing important, more than the usual hello. The other day he came by as usual to chill with us and we were sitting on my moms when he said….
” I’m using Viagra!” I was like ” WTF?” he reply ” remember when I told you my dick didn’t get hard anymore and I didn’t know what to do?” I thought to my self. ” what the fuck, when did I had that talk with him, i wasn’t paying attention” but I kept going with the conversation… He then said how happy he was in his new relationship and that he didn’t need anything else. I really thought we were kicking it till he said… ” I work everyday and when I was lonely I used to book escorts all the time $80-$100 and I get my dick sucked they go and I go back to bed” OMG!!!! I threw up in my mouth. “bitches are cheap these days” I thought to myself after I try to avoid the visual of my dad with an young escort..
We kept talking and I don’t remember anything else he said because I tune him out after that information that he gave me. But the whole point is that we had a talk! He didn’t talk to my sister that is a book keeper. NO!!!! He talked to his younger daughter that is a HOE!!! thank you porn!!!! Because of you I had my first talk ever with my dad..