30 OVER?

I recently found out I was a whore. All this time I thought of myself as a business women with goals. But in the eye of society I’m nothing more than a whore. Pretty soon I’ll be a 30 years old whore. Wow it’s a lil crazy, the fact that I’m turning 30 it’s hitting me pretty hard. My B-day is far away but my misery started already. Did I meet all my previous goals? M I consider an old lady? M I loosing my groove? Is 30 the reason why I’m so tired all the time? M I gonna get fat and wrinkle? Is that the reason why I never want to go anywhere? Should I retired from porn? Should I start paying for my cemetery?
September 6, 1982 seems like a long time ago. Even tho people say I’m not old, I feel a lil aged. My girls still going out and clubbing every week and I rather stay home. I hate the club scene. When I go to the club I get bored, frustrated and I don’t get anything that’s going on around me. Instead of clubs I like to BBQ or go to the movies. What’s next in my life? I have manage to conquer everything I decided to do. I went to college and finish it with good grades, I’m a great mom, successful TV host, I pay my bills, my website rocks, and I’m very happy. Is that it? Is that what life is all about? Is ok if that’s it because I’m good with it, but I can’t believe I don’t have a bucket list.
Great things happen to me in this 29ish years of my life. I’ve cry a lot but for the past 3 years it’s been all smiles and hard work. I think I still hot, but I should start working out and watching my diet now, RIGHT? I guess I should check my cholesterol too. My grandparents have their death arrangements paid already, should I start paying for mines? I do tons of stuff work related and I’m tired all the time. Maybe I should take the opportunity to start doing less and watching more TV.
OMG it’s my vagina going to get old too? My fans are not going to want me if u get fat and wrinkle. When is a good age to quite porn? Should I start doing BOTOX? M I close to menopause? Should I have another kid or wait till I’m older and adopt? I already have 3 dogs…. OMG OMG I’m becoming an old gay men!!! I’m fucking panicking with this 30 bull shit y’ll. I don’t know how to act. Lately all I want to do is work and sleep. I love to have sone answers but I DON’T!!!! I wanted to write a lil bout my feeling and this bull shit end up being all bout questions. I’m going crazy and I’m not even close to my 30th BDAY. I think this is going to be a weird year for me, I hope you all ready for CASTRO’S THERAPY … Feel free to tell me anytime if I’m going to far or acting too old or even out of place. Xoxoxo

THANKSGIVING!!!! who are we tanking?

This is not really a holiday I celebrate much because I was not raise with it. I like any type of Party and celebration but, thanksgiving is one of my least favorite. People give thanks before dinner, we eat turkey and everyone is emotional.
I got to this country about 16 years ago and Thanksgiving was introduce to me. I realize very quick that is a religious based holiday. Not only I have to eat some dry turkey but I also have to get ready for this specific day and give thanks for all I have. Oh shit, really? Who the fuck I have to thanks for today? GOD? The Indians? The fucking dry turkey?
I’m fucking Cuban, I’m with my family all day everyday, I want to take holidays and go away from them. I’ve been in different households on thanksgiving and they all thank god for what they got this year. I personally think that’s hypocritical . For example:
Oh god today we thank you for all our blessings our health and bla bla bla
Oh god today I thank you for this STD that might kill me anytime… REALLY?
Oh god thank you for the everything even tho my husband died and my kids are fatherless
KKK family
Oh god I thank you for making me a racist and giving me the opportunity to hate
Oh god….. Never mind…..
You get my point… I don’t think we need a day to thanks any one even less GOD. We should be thankful for everyday we get to wake up, love, work, feed our kids and dogs, etc. Right before I eat tonights dry ass turkey my prayer will be….
Thanks to all those that are in my life in a positive way. Thanks for my huge breast and awesome pussy that made possible this fucking DRY TURKEY. I want to thank my family for their support. My fans for their FUCKING CRAZY LOVE. My car for not breaking down when I need it them weeks the most. I want to give a special thanks to my new VNA family. And I also what to Thanks all those soldiers that right now are not with us and those still fighting, for us ungrateful motherfucker to be here today thanking god instead of them….. TO THE WHOLE ENTIRE U.S ARMY from the bottom of my hear


I went to a concert not long ago and I happen to go backstage and meet the singer. I was really excited because I wanted to feel his aura and see how he behaved outside the spotlight. He stopped by to say hi, and that’s when all this questions came to my mind in a matter of one second… Would he know who I am?…. Should I suck his dick?…. Should I ask him for a pic? … I was the last one congratulating him for his show…. I got up fixed my dress and gave him a kiss fallowed by a hug, right after that I looked into his eyes and I saw…….. NOTHING!!!! WOW!!! Really? That’s it… At that moment I mentally transported my minds to few moment before when he was singing. I realize and understood his music right at that moment. It’s full of pain and screaming for help!!! That was shocking for me. I was in a room full of hot girls including my BFF Sara Jay. I started looking around and analyzing everyone’s life from my perspective. I looked at Sara and she was in a trance, feeling herself and with a huge smile on her face. I asked my self if Sara was drunk, high, or happy? I know were she is at in her life right now, so my question was answer, Sara was full of life, happiness and cum! I went home that night with tightness on my chest and it wasn’t the dress I was wearing or my huge implants pressing together, I was confused and wondering ….. WTF is happiness?
I’ve struggle a lot in my 29 years. Scape from Cuba with my family, my parents got divorced, I always felt like an outkast, I’ve been sick, broke, sad, clueless, misunderstood, but at this point of my life I can say with 100% security IM HAPPY!!!!
Call me crazy or a witch, but that singer was the most unhappy person I’ve ever seen. I saw loneliness in his eyes, pain, unhappiness, but he is rich as fuck. I struggle with my bills in a daily basis, my future it’s not financially secured, I don’t own a house, car, expensive jewlery, or a boat, all I have is great friends, an awesome family and a fucking huge heart full of HAPPINESS. I guess being happy is being broke, comfortable in your own skin, full of ppl that love you and support you. OMG…… I just realize that IM FUCKING RICH!!!!!, and that singer is the Brokest Richest person I’ve ever meet before.


Im pretty sure you all know that my webcam day change. Well…. lets say that its bigger and better now. Thursdays at 6 pm is when its going down. OMG i hope you all have enough energy drinks around because its gonna be EPIC!!!! It does not get better than this… well im gonna stop now because i sound like a rapper advertising my new single, lol… Be ready, see you all on THURSDAY!!!!!