another week coming up!!!!!

……well as you all know, ive been traveling quite alot. I was in NY and then London in less than 2 months. im very happy im in miami now. I’m getting back to the old, manageable insane me. Im working in alot of projects at the same time so hopefully they all get done.
As usual im working in bringing more cool crazy videos to my site. Im also working on a film called, “The Naked Truth”, which is going to be on the film festival. Im also working on my second production of my ow series of DVD’s.
In my personal life im busy as hell too, im cleaning the shoe rack and fixing the clsoets. I also want to expand my moms house so i can stay here for ever. Im working on loans and ideas for the home. Its is a big project so you will be hearing from it alot in the next few months. When ever its done i will give you all a tour. Hopefully it gets done fast because im making a huge cool bathroom so i can webcam more often. Im trying to set up cams all over it so you all can see me when ever you decide.
this is my upcoming projects so lets cross our fingers so they get done nice and my way…..

OYE PPL!!!!!

Im in the airport now on my way back to miami. I have so much luggage and overweight. London was not the craziest experience but it was an ok trip. I have tons of videos i want to show you guys it has been quite the trip. A lot of things happen in my hotel room. I have tons of videos of Ms.Austin Taylor in my bed so you guys see what i had to put up with. I didnt get much sleep because Austin was fucking 80% of the times but i made sure i record it so i could share it. Ill be back to Miami at 9ish pm because AA didnt have a direct flight to Miami so i have a connected flight to Boston. WTF??!!?? well enjoy all my videos in the site and prepare for the ones coming because you all gonna luv it !!!
reporting from LONDON airport…. this is QUEEN ANGELINA CASTRO


So im in my room in London and im sharing it with Ms. Austin Taylor. She decide to bring a boy to the room and started fucking him. Lets rewind for a moment…… We sharing rooms, same bed, same bathroom etc…. She starts fucking this guy like im not in the room. I was on my computer updating my twitter feed and i look to my right….. all i see its this two ppl fucking… OMG!!! i thought… so i turn my cam on and started streaming the whole thing… If you missed it catch up on my webcam feed…. xoxoxo i hope you all enjoy it. Now i got to tell her i did it…. ouchhhhh

reporting from a london bed!!!!!

Im in London and OMg this city its a lil too straight for me. London has so many stupid rules that make no sense. Starting with monarchy. Im having an ok time here tho, i already flashed every one at a club the other day, i cant wait to show more of my titts in here. Im trying to make it as fun as i can because this city needs so much flava, it has none.
Im walking down the streets and every one its looking at me like im ET or something… Its very funny how ppl react to my titts here.
Well hopefully it will get fun here because im bored. Enjoy all my updates for Halloween and thanks for your membership.. xoxoxo see you guys soon with an update of my London trip!

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Just finish my webcam

my webcam shows is one of the things i love the most about my site… i love to do different things and show my fans different aspects of me. Today was funny because my mom was cooking and i showed her on cam…lol i hope no one got turn on by it lolol ewwwwww. next week ill be in London and i might have a surprise guess…. mmmmmm who it will be…lol lov you all and thanks for coming thru