just saying……….

Well, im in New York and I’m a lil upset because i couldnt webcam today. I bought baby oil and everything for the show but the internet in the hotel its so horrible it didnt let me stream… FUCK THIS HOTEL ahhhhh

my first webcam!!!!

Omg im so excited about my first webcam i cant wait till 6pm!!!! I cant find what to wear, i want to wear it all. I just finish cooking and now im gonna shower, do my hair, and start getting pretty for you guys. I also have a very important interview tonight after my webcam show. The guy interviewing is Jaime Baily, google him. I woke up feeling like a champ today, two very important events are going down on this beautiful tuesday

Why do i have to work out?

well im starting the gym today in a couple of hours. Ufff i hated the fact i have to go. My family its worried bout me because im the biggest of them all. Im 5.8″ 200pnds and they’re freaking out about it. I decided to go to the Gym with my sister so they can shut the fuck up and leave me alone for once. We will see how long i can keep this gym shit up. I like my weight and i feel good but mom is telling me that im too young and i need to loose like 30 pounds. I dont get it but the doctor said my tiits are too big and my ass too. Well i juat wanted to share with you guys my new headache so i will keep you all posted on the gym thing. It might be a good idea so we will se.


So my friend got her fairy tale wedding at Hard Rock Caffee. It was great she always wanted to have a wedding in a club and she did. We meet 3 years ago and we always talked about how our wedding will be. I wanted my wedding to be a big bbq because im a fat ass and i love food. She always mention that weddings are so dumb and boring she wanted everyone to have fun, so she rested a club and we had it all night. All i remember is that i spend like $300 in the dress and by the end of the nigh that dress was a piece of shit. She did open bar OMG WHY??? every one was so drunk its not even funny, Food was great too.

I have m own lil take on marriage but its just a personal thought. Some times i wonder who invented marriage and Valentines and all that stuff that tights ppl to shit. I believe in Love and if i sing a paper that means that person next to me might be there because of that paper. I rather Be with some one and not be married, live in the same home, share bills and dreams, bank accounts and headaches. If some one its next to you taking your shit with out nothing but love, thats the one…

so fucking frustrated!!!!

So my house caught on fire last year and now im leaving with my mom. Im trying to make her house bigger so i can fit all my shoes and stuff. At the same time im trying to make a bigger room for me i need to fix her home because its time for a retouch. Ive been looking for a electrician for the past month and no one ever comes over to give me an estimate. This problem makes me wonder. Is there really a problem of unemployment in america or people are just too fucking lazy to work?
If i would have to talk to Obama it will go like this ….. For example, I think its not unemployment issues what we dealing with OBAMA. People are too comfortable with doing one thing and one thing only. I went to school to be a therapist and now i give teraphy in other ways. My mom went to school for computers now she carries them. My dad is an engeneer now he works at THe HOME DEPOT, DO you see were im trying to get here? Its not what you want to do is what you have to do to survive PPL!!!!…. If your kids are hungry sell some pussy, clean some houses, wash some cars… do something
By the way can i get a fucking electrician please!!!!!!!!!!


well i just came back from the beach and im injured…. yes my right foot is swollen, Omg im in so much pain. I m shooting my halloween updates next week, ill be humping in one leg i hope no one minds…….


Well i planned to do a lot and i end up doing nothing! I woke up today and i took @axxxstranger to the airport because the Army called for him after that i went back home and i decided to clean my house. I got an estimate from some contractor for some stuff i need done i the house……. then i called Sara Jay. Here is when my schedule goes out of the door and Sara’s life takes over.
Ive been friends with Sara for a minute already and its weird how time just goes by when we together. We always plan tod o a lot of stuff but when i get to her house all we do its sit in the couch and talk shit> Well thats when she is not having sex.. lol True story… I got to Sara’s house one morning and i was eating pizza for breakfast and she was having sex. Do you think she stopped because i was there? Hell no!!! This girl came downstair and fucked next to me while i was eating my pizza. OMG its my life fucking crazy or what?
Anyways… back to today…. I didnt do shit i was suppose to do but i had a great day With my girl Sara Jay… like she would say.. #goodtimes…lol

upcoming scene

http://youtu.be/8pX918jToPE many ppl ask me how do i come up with topics for my scenes. Well Its all part of my personality, If you guys check carefully every one of my scenes im always the same one. Is very hard for my to follow a script, im more of improv comedy meet porn kind of girl. I started porn because i wanted to see realness in scenes. I like the whole acting part of other ppl movies but mines have a different take on sex. I first choose the guy then the location, as soon as i get there and i feel him out and see the vibe of the place i come up with the scenerio. for example in my movie Angelina Mundo I wanted to show my fans my family and some sexual experiences i had on the past so i try to make every scene a esperience that i had. make you you check this link out were im deciding how the scene is gonna go…

My do list……

Good morning every one!!! todays its a lil crazy for me.. wednesday are crazy for me all the time, its the middle of the week so im trying to et stuff done that i didnt do at the begining of the week and at the same time getting ready for the end of the week. I tell you this much, i never finish my WEdnesday do list but im trying today.
I started by booking my ticket and hotel for my trip to NY which it will be on September 26-29 so thats done!! I need to clean my room today, do laundry, get starbucks, pack for NY and look for trips to london becuse i need to make it there next month… and also some webcam… wellll….. lets see at the end of the day what did i actually got done……….

QUESTION that never ends……….

In case that you guys don’t know…. Im in spanish television and i do interviews every were on spanish TV. I’ve been asked all king of questions but out of all of them the dumbest and funniest one is… Do you feel something when you having sex on cam? mmmmm…. let me see.
My answer is always the same. If i slap you now would you feel it? well there you go, what the fuck you think? How in the world someone would be so stupid to ask me if i feel a 11 inch dick in my pussy. DUHHHH im not fucking dead!!!!! And this people are called reporters?, do they think before asking? OMG really…. what do you guys think is going thru their minds when i answer them something dumb like… ” no i dont feel it its all technology, computer penetration, or my pussy is trained not to feel, or i change pussies every time i shoot…. lol pLEASE!!!! dont ask me that question again…..
love you all…. good night. and yes i love dick and i feel them all every inch of it!!!!